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Soy Taino: El Sol y El Coquí

S1E1 Soy Taino: El Sol y El Coquí

Welcome to Rico en Sueños! We're talking Puerto Rico all season through the voices of Puerto Rican creators.

In the first episode we take a look at the Taíno Sun and Coqui symbols. The Taíno are the people indigenous to several islands of the Caribbean including Puerto Rico (also known as Borikén).

We talk with Alexandra Román about Obsesión, her debut sci-fi novel and the first book in the Divine Ascension trilogy, and Ronnie Garcia about their project Baba Guey. Through the episode we explore how the Taíno people and symbols are important to their work, their heritage, and their lives.

So tune in to the non-fiction podcast about fiction and its very real effects on our lives, and rock with us throughout Rico en Sueños.


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