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What’s Up Wednesday w/ Jerome Walford: G’wan Anthology Vol. 2

WuW- Gwan Vol 2. Jerome Walford


Here at The Power of You in Fiction, we are proud to call Forward Comix founder and comic creator Jerome Walford a friend of the show.  A few years back he put together The Gwan Anthology  centered around themes of foreign lands, the immigrant experience and cultural fusion.

Now the Gold Medal of Excellence winner is back for Vol. 2  which highlights and celebrates comic creators who produce work with a sense of the immigrant, refugee, and 'foreigner' perspective, expressing both the joys and challenges of such a journey. Just like volume 1 it takes immigrant experiences and transform them into relatable fantastical stories.

Wilson and Lu took some time in the #RicoEnSuenos  mid-seasontook some time chat it up with Jerome Walford of @forwardcomix about Gwan Anthology Vol. 2!

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Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!!

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Your Voice Can Carve Mountains!

Shawna Mills and Boom Tag X

We know we’re off season but we are coming at you with an episode featuring Shawna Mills!!

Check out the Boom Tag X kickstarter which ends 7/13/19!



Shawna Mills is an animator whose work has appeared on nearly every network you can think of that produces cartoons. She’s done work for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Marvel Entertainment, and Lucas Films. Now she’s out to make her own animated series that infuses anime influences and urban environments into an action packed world where sound is the master.

Boom Tag X follows Boom, in a world where voices can carve mountains and split seas, as he embarks to win the most epic game of TAG ever played!

The story of Shawna and the world of Boom Tag X are inseparable and this episode we take you inside the world of Boom Tag X and tell the story of the woman who created it.

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What’s up Wednesday w/ Tiffney Laing

LaKase and Wilson got a chance to interview another amazing creator, Tiffney Laing of Bevy and Dave. Tiffney is powerful, positive, and poised for immense success within the toy-making industry with an innovative and inspiring toy called the History Makers Puzzle Block Set that teaches children about the alphabet, Black history, and various leadership traits. After listening to this interview you’ll fall in love with Tiffney just as quickly as LaKase and Wilson did!



To get more Bevy and Dave goodness visit their website, twitter, and instagram.


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