Meet Your Co-Pilots


“Co-Host, interviewer, storyteller extraordinaire, patron of the arts, lover of all things beautiful, shy of compliments, but also humble of heart.” At least that’s what a special friend of mine told I should put in my bio…find people in your life who hype you like this.

I’m a dialectician who thinks entirely too much about everything, speaks in this mix of AAVE and poly-syllabic words, and is super into storytelling and its formation. This podcast serves as the place in my life where all of that is not only okay, but is the very foundation of our voice.

I’m a structural engineer in my day job, and minored in philosophy with a focus in ethics. Which is a reflection of my obsession with structures (relationships between the parts or elements of that form something complex), and the ethical lens through which I interpret stories.


R.P Wilson

Warmest salutations! Safe to say you came to this ‘About Us’ page to gain more insight on the podcast, my co-host and I, and maybe how our values and interests may align with yours; so here’s a little blurb about Wilson from Wilson.

I’m really into understanding the human condition (honestly there’s a mild obsession with sociology involved), especially through fiction. I think fiction does an amazing job of highlighting those seemingly unique and individual experiences that are felt by many, but are rarely discussed with candor and considerateness. I believe character development is essential for a well told story and I’m always on board for a subversion of tropes. I’ve got the biggest soft spot for secondary and tertiary characters; without failed, I’ll gravitate towards those in the background before connecting with the protagonist. Seeing myself in fiction means seeing kindness being demonstrated as a strength, and the character that I consistently aspire to be more like is Uncle Iroh.