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Welcome back to Rico en Sueños all! Lu and Wilson here! We hope episode one was equal parts entertaining and enlightening because they're here to bring you the second submission of the season; and what a submission is it!

There are many social complexities when we talk about race identity and blackness. With the census coming up, the question of what box Puerto Ricans can check is coming up again.  This has put a spotlight on the African aspects of Puerto Rican culture and some injustices experienced by Afro-Boricuas today.

Last Episode They talked about the parts of the Taíno culture that stayed alive in Puerto Rican Heritage. Today we're going to continue exploring the Black/African roots still alive on the island.

We've got three fabulous and phenomenal guests for this episode -- Esmeralda Santiago, Isabel Dieppa, and Venessa Vida-Kelley -- who reflect and share their thoughts about the prominent cultural influence the people of Africa brought to the island of Puerto Rico.

Esmeralda reflects on the African roots in her own blood as we talk about her depiction of enslaved people on the island in her Novel "Conquistadora"

Isabel shares the inspiration behind her decision to use Orishas in the Puerto Rican story she's working on

Vanessa shares her experience with the Afro-Borinquen music style known as Bomba and the place of music in her web comic Manu

And Isabel talks with us about in a discussion about her reporting about Loiza

This is a good one listners!!! So get ready for some more of those rich dreams from the island.

You can find all of Esmeralda's works via her website and follow her on Twitter - @Esmo.

For all things Isabel check out her website and her Twitter - @IsabelSDieppa.

For more of Manu and Venessa's works visit here and here, and also follow her on Twitter - @VScrivanoKelley (she's a big Wayward Son fan!)

If you're interested in the "War Against All Puerto Ricans" recommendation, consider purchasing it from your local bookstore OR picking it up at your local library. You can locate a local bookstore via and you can locate your neighborhood library via

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