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¿Y Tu Abuela Donde Esta?

S1M1- ¿Y Tu Abuela Donde Esta?

Lu here with our first Minisode.

In this first minisode we have a mic-mashup. Our last episode talked about how many Puerto Ricans consider themselves a mix of Spanish, Taíno , and African heritage.

During our interviews for the season, kept coming across this phrase "¿Y Tu Abuela Donde Esta?" or "And where's your grandmother?". This phrase worked its way into the vernacular via a poem by Fortunato Vizcarrondo and has come to be a way ask someone what their ethnic background or heritage is.

It felt like our guest were having a conversation about this topic with each other and so I wanted to share that with you all in this first minisode to bridge our conversation about Boricua Taíno heritage last episode into our discussion of Afro-Boricua heritage in episode 2. Hope you enjoy!


Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon!!


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