The Pilot Season

The Pilot Season



I am so glad you decided to give us a listen. When Wilson and I started the podcast in 2015, we did not know exactly what we were doing. We just knew that we analyzed fiction critically and felt deeply about fiction.

Through 100 episodes of that podcast we found a truth that we always knew was true, but hadn’t officially vocalized. 


Even though the stories do not recall real events, the fantastical elements are made believable by being tethered to some facet of reality. And while fictional characters are not real people they can console real people, reflect real people, and give real people something to aspire to.

In the pilot season of The Power of You in Fiction podcast we aim to convince YOU, our listener, that fiction matters. We chat with some technical experts, creators, and fans and if we can’t convince you, hopefully they can.

This season serves as our foundation and we aim to validate the truth of fiction’s very real impact on all of our lives.


We hope you stick with us,


In the final season of the Comicidal Podcast, that would become the first season of the Power of You In Fiction Podcast, Wilson and Lu aim to show listeners how our interactions with fiction relate to our reality. This season covers:

  1. Fiction as an experimental reality
  2. Fiction as an escape when othered
  3. Fiction as a mechanism to  overcome the past
  4. Fiction as a mirror that reflects our present
  5. Fiction as an aspiration to achieve in the future
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