Season 1 Rico en Sueños
Season 1 Rico en Sueños
Bonus Content: Diasporicans

Bonus Content: Diasporicans


It some more bonus content!! Except this time its not by Wilson or Lu. It’s the bonus piece Navani and Wilson mentioned in episode four.

In 2019 Madison Anderson was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico. Madison Anderson was born and raised in the states, does not speak Spanish, competed for Miss Florida USA the same year, and visually looks white.

This sparked a debate on the island and across the diaspora. Who gets to claim their Puerto Rican identity? What makes you Puerto Rican? As a NuYoRican herself, Navani put her feet on the ground and interviewed members of the community about where they stood in the debate. It was a labor love and passion piece for Navani herself.

Hope you enjoy!


S1M4 - Bonus Content: Diasporicans

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