Green Lantern Goes Cosmic: WuW w/Geoffrey Thorne Green Lantern #1

Geoffrey Thorne Green Lantern #1

What’s up PoYiF fans?! It’s Wilson and Lu coming at you with another What’s Up Wednesday. This time we’re doing a 3 part profile on Geoffrey Thorne the new writer for DC’s Green Lantern and he’s got some big plans!

Hopefully we’ve convinced that Geoff was right for this book, because this is the part where we get to talk about the book!

We think if Geoff gets his run we’re going to look back at this issue and see all the groundwork being laid. There’s a lot going on and a lot of questions to answer.

Is this united planets thing really going to work?

Green Lantern rings don’t work on magic?

What’s a crux world and why is it so important?

Where does Teen Lantern’s Gauntlet come from?

This book definitely has some far reaching consequences. There’s a lot of details in this 40 page giant and I think as this run goes on we’ll be checking back in for a while.

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