Green Lantern Goes Cosmic: WuW w/Geoffrey Thorne Part 1 (Remix)

Geoffrey Thorne Part 1(Remix): Life as it's Lived

What’s up PoYiF fans?! It’s Wilson and Lu coming at you with another What’s Up Wednesday. This time we’re doing a 3 part profile on Geoffrey Thorne the new writer for DC’s Green Lantern and he’s got some big plans!

In Part II or as Lu likes to call it, Part I remix, we discuss all the things we discussed in part 1, but through the lens of Geoffrey Thorne’s Blackness. It’s a story you’ve heard JUST NOT LIKE THIS. 

 Did we mention that John Stewart is the center of his Green Lantern run? We think his Blackness is pretty important in that context. So it’s Geoff as a Black sci-fi fan, overcoming some struggles as a Black writer, and the intersection of the Thorne identity and his work

Hopefully by the end of this episode why we think that Geoff is the right writer for Green Lantern at this time.

Pick up Green Lantern #1 as soon as you can!

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