Season 1 Rico en Sueños
Season 1 Rico en Sueños


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The fifth episode entry of the team’s Rico en Sueños series focuses on aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but this is not a story of tragedy. Despite the losses people endured, many Puerto Ricans on the island and on the mainland rediscovered the community, the perseverance, and willingness to give and share that’s at the center of Puerto Rican culture.

We are bringing back three guests we’ve had on earlier this season. Our language expert Yasmín Flores Montañez, the incredible Esmeralda Santiago, and Pulitzer center grantee/journalist Isabel Sophia Dieppa all return to discuss the impact of the hurricane.

They were all a part of the Ricanstruction anthology and contributed work that spoke to the past, present, and future of Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of the hurricane.

They show time and time again that in the face of tragedy and traumatic events that the community, the perseverance, and willingness to give and share really shine through. Tag along with the fellas as they learn themselves some dopeness.

Edgardo is consistently doing amazing things. You can stay up to date with him and his passions via his Twitter and IG.

The Kickstarter that features Rosa can be found here and of course you can find her other works on her website.

Big thanks again to Yasmin, Esmeralda, and Isabel. Their stories, in the Ricanstruction anthology and on mic, were just so powerful and revealing — we’re forever grateful.

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S1E5 - Juracan

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