Season 1 Rico en Sueños
Season 1 Rico en Sueños
The War of Art


Lu is back in the driver’s seat for our fifth minisode and BOY is this one a doozy. It’s the tale of a war that’s not really a war; a tale of contradictions, hypocrisy, and resistance.

Discover the Artivism of Francisco Matos Paoli as we take a journey that starts with World War II and ends with a man fighting with his art. It’s a story of broken promises and double meanings as leaders on the US Mainland like FDR/Harry Truman and leaders on the Island like Pedro Albizu Campos and Luis Munoz Marin fight for the fate of Puerto Rico as we know it.



S1M5 – The War of Art


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Music: By Kevin McLeod Use Per Creative Commons Contributions 4.0

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